Happy Monday, and for some of you, I hope you are enjoying some relaxation on this President’s Day holiday. Or, shall I say it’s Black Panther day, considering the 8 records the movie has officially smashed at the box office as it earned $202 million from Friday to Sunday alone.


My husband and I saw the movie yesterday. Oh my! As a Black female, I am beaming with pride. As an American, I am head over heels excited for this breakthrough in our nation. As a global citizen, I am inspired by the cross-border cultural osmosis.


As a wealth expert, Black Panther epitomizes what I try to share with you on a weekly basis – pursue excellence in everything you do (money included), think about how your ability to generate wealth affects other people, and recognize that your past actions (or those of your family) do not have to dictate your future.


If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I won’t give anything away. Just know that when it comes to managing your money, and growing wealth, these things certainly hold true too. My favorite line from the movie was expressed at the very end of the movie:


“We must find a way to look after each other as if we were one single tribe.”


You are definitely in my tribe and I’m trying to do my best to look out for your financial well-being. Will the essence of #BlackPanter come alive in you too?


With that, here’s my top hits from the week:


  • The stock market has been all over the place – up, down, and everything around. Take a peak at the below video, where I give my views on TD Ameritrade’s Trading Live Show on the recent stock market’s movement, as well as how Goldman Sachs is making waves with its fairly new bank called Marcus.








  • Chipotle hired a new CEO, Brian Niccol, to take over the struggling Mexican restaurant chain – the stock has moved from $758 to $305 over the last three years. I raise this CEO transition because many of you own individual stocks. I want to remind you that management teams (and particularly the CEOs) are so important to your investments because their decisions play a big role in how much the stock price moves. The stock was up +6% on the announcement of the new CEO. Niccol will try and turnaround the struggling company, which has not recovered from the E-coli break out a few years ago, and utilize tactis that helped Taco Bell become the most successful in the portfolio of Yum Brands Inc(which owns Taco Bell along with Pizza Hut and KFC) over the past three years. This will be a company to follow over the next few years.


  • Continued prayers for the families of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Life is so precious, and this could have happened to any one of our families. Ask yourself – how are you planning for the unexpected? I know, it’s morbid but trust me, it’s better to have a plan than not.


Have a wonderful week! Be sure to a #BlackPanther super hero pose – arms folded across the chest and then released – to get you pumped up about taking control of your money!


Leave a comment below to share how the #BlackPanther lives in you.

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