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Preview to Money and 2016 Presidential Debates
Charisse Conanan Johnson, September 26, 2016

It’s been a difficult week with all of us suffering from the continued racial discord in our country. Amidst it all, the stock market marches onward, and it was a rocky week with the Fed’s commentary on the potential future upward trajectory of interest rates.   So much is going on, right?   If you’re […]

Time To Go Next Level : The Show Is Here
Charisse Conanan Johnson, September 27, 2015

Last week, I posed the following question:   What are you doing to equip women with the tools to manage their wealth, pass it down to the next generation successfully, and thus make our society better?   Well, I heard some great responses and I am proud to be a part of a community who […]

Why Intergenerational Wealth Matters
Charisse Conanan Johnson, September 20, 2015

Like it or not, women will control a huge chuck of the money over the next 40 years. According to the Boston College Center on Wealth and Philanthropy, women will inherit 70% of the $41 trillion of the intergenerational wealth that will change hands over the next four decades. Women outlive their men and currently […]

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