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Critical Learnings From Two Days, One Night
Charisse Conanan Johnson, August 17, 2015
Dignity of Work

What would you do if you had to make a trade-off between your own advancement and the lack of advancement of others? Thanks to Netflix, I spent time this weekend watching the film, Two Days, One Night, which addresses this very question. [WARNING: If you hate international films with English subtitles, get over it and […]

Why Not Invest in a Career Coach?
Charisse Conanan Johnson, August 10, 2015
Getting a Career Coach

I got a career coach at the end of 2013, and it has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my career. Honestly, no one in my professional circle had a career coach, or kept it a secret if they did have one. The first time I heard one of my friends […]

10 Questions for Getting Extra Income
Charisse Conanan Johnson, August 3, 2015
Getting extra income

In addition to ensuring that our basic needs are met, most of us have a desire to spend money on things we want or want to do. Unfortunately, we often need more money to do these things than our current income can support. You can either cut expenses or make more income to fulfill your […]

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