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Stepping Up Your Financial Game
Charisse Conanan Johnson, December 10, 2017

As you get ready for the holidays, remember to find some peace and respite amidst what can be a crazy time.   This week, I’ve received a question that gets to the heart of it all. If you’re part of the Charisse Says community, I know you’ve pondered this question at some point this year: […]

Sometimes You Miss It
Charisse Conanan Johnson, February 1, 2016

So, it’s February and we have already completed one month of 2016. My goodness, why is time moving so quickly? Now, I’m sure you’re wondering what I missed this week, right?  The truth is that I missed buying an exchange traded fund, or ETF, at a cheap price. Don’t roll your eyes at this first world […]

Be a Badass
Charisse Conanan Johnson, January 25, 2016

Yup, I said it – Badass. You might have been one of these as you shoveled some snow this weekend. But, for today’s purposes, I mean a Badass with your money. This weekend, I watched The Intern, appropriately named for the senior intern position given to Ben Whittaker, played by Robert DeNiro. Trust me – it’s […]

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