I say a lot about wealth.
I am a financial wellness expert.
I keep it real and simple.
I want you to have the lifestyle you want.

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About me

I am Charisse Conanan Johnson and welcome to Charisse Says.

I am a writer, speaker, and financial wellness expert.

I am a chartered financial analyst (CFA) charterholder .

I have a passion for investing and entrepreneurship.

I graduated from Yale University and Chicago Booth.

I love building relationships, traveling, sports, and exploring the world through food. I create things that have purpose.

I am a faith-based journey to have the abundant life God intends for me.

I am here to make a difference.

I live in Chicago with my husband.

I heart Strong Island, my hometown, and greater NY.

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I write for the following platforms

Clients Say


Last week, I posed the following question:   What are you doing to equip women with the tools to manage their wealth, pass it down to the next ge....
Like it or not, women will control a huge chuck of the money over the next 40 years. According to the Boston College Center on Wealth and Philanthropy, women wi....
My husband and I traveled to Seattle for a week to celebrate our two-year anniversary. Yipeee! In addition to the respite and fun, we came back with so many rev....
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Speaking Events

Charisse’s keynotes have addressed:

  • Investing in the markets
  • Life post graduation
  • Women building wealth
  • Faith-based economies
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Career Success
  • Personal Life Journey

The Show

The Charisse Says Show is sponsored by


It's a lot easier having a professional clean your house than you doing it, right? That's the kind of mindset you need when hiring ....

Charisse shows you how to take ownership over your money. Become the CEO of your money and don't be afraid to use products and services to help with finances.....
Charisse started the web series, Charisse Says, to make investing attainable and fun for anyone at any income level. Follow her episodes as she gives practical ....

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Past Events

  • Facilitator for “Money Jam” session to discuss faith and finances for Urban Village Church, August 2015.
  • Featured Presenter at Chicago “Idea Potluck,” which brings together Chicago’s best and brightest to speak, August 2015. Watch Video Here.
  • Featured Radio Guest, Closing a Startup and Demystifying Investing Beyond the Business Suit Radio Podcast, September 2014 Read More
  • Featured Speaker, Pursuing Excellence i.c.STARS, September 2014
  • Mistress of Ceremonies, New Beginnings INROADS Great Lakes Annual Reception, July 2014
  • Featured Radio Guest, The Impact of Senator Warren’s Refi Bill MPR, May 2014 Read More
  • Featured TV Guest, Millennials and Money Chicago PBS, April 2014 Read More
  • Featured Radio Guest, Don’t Get Left Behind: Secrets on Stock Market Investing Ce Says Let’s Talk About It, February 2014 Read More
  • Featured Video Guest, Getting the Cash and Credit You Need To Start Your Business Experian, January 2014 Read More
  • Panelist Speaker, Hiring and Firing at a Start-up ARISE 2.0 Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program, January 2014
  • Keynote Speaker, Have the Life You Want INROADS Chicago, December 2013
  • Keynote Speaker, Set Yourself Up for Financial Success Startup Institute of Chicago, December 2013
  • Panelist Speaker, Your Money, Your Life Covenant United Church of Christ, November 2013
  • Keynote Speaker, Blazin’ (Your Own Trail) A’int Easy YearUp Chicago, October 2013
  • TV Guest, “Wedding Planning Made Easy and Summer Investing” Fox News, June 2013 Read More
  • Keynote Speaker, Ideation and Entrepreneurship Y.O.U Evanston Entrepreneur Program, June 2013
  • Keynote Speaker, Real Life Made Easy University of Chicago, June 2013
  • TV Guest, “Looking Good on a Budget to 401ks” FOX News, June 2013 Read More
  • Panelist, Managing Your Finances Post Graduation University of Chicago Booth School of Business, May 2013
  • Featured Speaker, “Managing Your Money Before the Job” Dress for Success, March 2013
  • Panelist, Business and Entrepreneurship: Chicago Innovation Young Illinois Saves Conference, March 2013
  • Radio Guest, “Millennials and Money” Credit Talk Radio, December 2012 Read More
  • Panelist, Leaders of the Pack: 5 Start-ups Leading the Way FOCUS100 Conference, October 2012 Read More
  • Featured Speaker, “Financing Your Start-up” Start-up Bootcamp, September 2012
  • Keynote Speaker, “The Realities of Retirement” Sisters Investing for Success, Annual Financial Conference, September 2012
  • TV Guest, “Wiping Out Credit Card Debt” FOX News, September 2012 Read More
  • Featured Speaker, “Faith and Entrepreneurship” Starter League, August 2012 Read More
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